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TABLE SAW FENCE - Product Info

-NEW- Wixey Table Saw Fence (WR750)
Wixey WR750 Table Saw Fence
The WR750 Wixey Table Saw Fence is a complete professional table saw fence. It includes the popular Wixey digital readout, a micro-adjustment feature, and super smooth and accurate operation. Measures 36" to the right of the blade and 12" to the left.
Price: $499.99
  1.  In many cases it will require drilling 4 to 5 holes in the edge of the table using the included drill bit and drill gauge if the holes in your table are not positioned as needed.
  2. An extension table that extends at least 45” to the right of the blade is needed to get the full 36” to the right of the blade ripping capacity.

Use the drill gauge as a guide and a center punch to mark the hole locations.

Drill the mounting holes with the 9mm diameter drill bit.

WR750 full fence

Wixey Table Saw Fence Key Features

Digital readout with backlight
attaches with magnets for
easy fence removal


T slots

Heavy duty steel fence


Aluminum faces with T slots for accessories


Micro adjustment


glide rollers

Fence glides on rollers


Heavy duty 6 ft. aluminum fence rail ships in 2 sections

two sections

Fine adjustments for smooth precise positioning and locking


precise positioning

precise locking
Parts included in the box:
Parts included for WR750
Total rail length: 72 inches
Measurement range: 36 inch to the right of blade 12 inch to the left
Digital readout resolution:
Decimal = 0.005 inch
Fraction = 1/32 inch
Metric = 0.1 mm
Decimal = +/- 0.002 inch per foot
Fraction = +/- 1/500 inch per foot
Metric = +/- 0.13 mm
Batteries: 2 AAA (not included)
Function: - Backlight
- Constant memory retains calibration even when OFF
- Incremental measuring mode
- Absolute measuring mode
- Millimeter, Inch and Fraction readout
- Auto shut off