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Digital Fence Readout (WR 700) - patented pending

The Wixey Saw Fence Model WR700 fits most high end fence systems and measures up to 60 inches long.

It easily mounts to Beisemeyer, Powermatic, Jet, HTC and other T-Square fences as well as Delta Unifence; and Dewalt, Vega and other round rail fences.

The innovative readout magnetic attachment system allows you to remove and replace your rip fence as quickly as ever without losing calibration.
$149.99 Free Shipping
  Wixey Digital Fence Readout

NEW PRODUCT - Wixey Table Saw Fence (WR750)
This complete professional table saw fence includes the popular Wixey digital readout, a micro-adjustment feature, and super smooth and accurate operation. $499.99


Saw Fence Digital Readout Key Features

The large easy to read display reads in inches with fractions or millimeters
Mounts on the left or right side of the fence
Magnetic attachment allows the fence to be removed and maintain calibration
Simple mounting brackets easily attach to almost any rectangular rail or round rail fence

Easy Set Up

It is easy to attach the Wixey Saw Fence Readout to your existing table saw fence. It comes with simple mounting brackets and detailed instructions that allow you to mount this on many models. It comes complete with a drill bit and 4 self tapping screws to mount the measuring track to the bottom of your fence

Precise Measurements

The large easy to read display reads in inches with fractions or millimeters.
The fractions are displayed using "Precise Fraction Technology" which gives you 4 times the accuracy of other fraction readouts.

Easy to Calibrate

Just move the fence so that it lightly contacts the blade, hold the calibrate button to zero the readout, and the WR700 will accurately display the distance from the fence to the blade

Easy to Use

The innovative readout magnetic attachment method allows you to remove the fence in a flash, perform operations without the fence, and replace it without losing calibration or time.

Saw Fence Digital Readout Specifications

Measuring Length: 60 in. (1500 mm)
Decimal = .005 in.
Fraction = 1/32 in.
Metric = .1 mm
Decimal = +/- .002 in. per foot
Fraction = +/- 1/500 in. per foot
Metric = +/- .13 mm
Battery: Batteries: 2 AAA (not included)
Functions: - Constant memory retains calibration even when OFF
- Incremental measuring mode
- Absolute measuring mode
- Millimeter, Inch and Fraction readout
- Auto shut off