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Wixey Saw Fence Digital Readout
Troubleshooting: Wixey Saw Fence Digital Readout
  Below are list of Troubleshoting Tips for Wixey Saw Fence Digital Readout WR700.
Please read through these first before inquiring with us. You may also want to check out our Frequently Asked Question to see if your question is listed.
Readout Issues
Accuracy Issues
About Batteries

Readout Issues

The Digital Readout may display numbers counting randomly when the unit is turned "ON", but not on the track with the sensor strip. This is normal and does not mean your Readout is defective.
Unstable constantly scrolling numbers
  • Insure the sensor strip is properly oriented
  • Check that the Readout is not too loose on the track. If needed adjust the 6 screws on the back.

  • Remove the battery, wait 30 seconds and replace it.


Flashing digits, dim, or no display
  • Install a new battery.
  • Clean battery and battery contacts
Frozen display
  • Remove the battery, wait 30 seconds and replace it.
Loses calibration
  • Check that the Readout is not too loose on the track. If needed adjust the 6 screws as shown above.
  • Check for static discharges from a nearby dust collector or other source
    Note: If a static discharge from your finger zaps the readout or a nearby dust collector happens to zap your saw it can cause this error. Make sure the dust collector is properly grounded and the dust port on your saw is grounded to the ground wire inside the dust collector hose.

Accuracy Issues

Small accuracy errors of 1/16" or less
  • If you are measuring across the gap double check the connection with the alignment gauge.

  • Check to make sure you are locking the fence both when calibrating the unit and when taking a measurement. The fence surface can move quite a bit depending on your fence when locked vs. un-locked.
  • Be sure to just "kiss" the blade with your fence when calibrating. You should be able to move the blade back and forth with your hand (un-plugged and turned off of course) and just feel it gently scraping. It is very easy to deflect your blade and have the measurement be off by up .030 or more.
  • Throw away your tape measure!!! We are not trying to pass the buck but we have gone down this road many times. The scales on most fences and many tape measures are way off. Many people write to us and say they ended up throwing all their tapes away and buying high quality name brand tapes after they got our system. Use a high quality steel scale to check the accuracy.
Large accuracy errors of .200" or more
  • An error of exactly .200" is a very common error number with these devices or even a multiple of it like .400, .600, 1.200 etc. Usually this only happens when the readout is either moved very quickly (more than 3 feet per second) or if the readout does not fit tight enough on the track. Follow the same steps outlined in the "Loses calibration" section above.

About Batteries

  • It is important to note that these lithium batteries have a shelf life of only 3 years and there are different grades with different capacities. A fresh name brand battery will give extra long life, where a 5 pack bought from the internet or an outlet store for $1.00 may only last a few weeks each or be dead on arrival.