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Wixey Digital Angle Gauges
How To Use: Wixey Digital Angle Gauges
Digital Angle Gauge with Level
  WR300BT, WR300 Type 1 & Type 2
Digital Angle Gauge


Digital Angle Gauge with Level (WR365)

  • Basic Use
Reading the Display
A. Bubble icon permanently set Dead LevelTM*
B. Tilt of gauge compared to Dead LevelTM*
C. Low battery indicator
D. Indicates the display is in HOLD mode
E. Relative angle reading
F. Indicates direction of tilt from relative 0.0°

*Dead LevelTM refers to absolute level with respect to the center of the earth. This setting is permanently calibrated.
  On Zero
A. Press once to turn ON display
B. Press again to set relative angle to 0.0°
C. Press and hold to turn off

Press once to HOLD displayed reading -Press again to return to measuring mode
  • Proper Measuring
Set the gauge flat on a reference surface such as a table saw, miter saw, or jointer table. Set the gauge to 0.0 degrees   Attach to the saw blade or jointer fence and read the angle of the blade.

Digital Angle Gauge (WR300BT, WR300 Type 1 & Type 2)

  • 3 Easy Steps
Step 1. Calibrate
Set the gauge flat on the tool reference surface and press the ZERO to set the gauge to 0.0 degrees.
Step 2. Attach
Attach the gauge to the perpendicular blade and leave at 90.0 degrees or re-set to 0.0 degrees if desired.
Step 3. Read
Bevel the saw blade and read the precise bevel angle.