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Wixey Drill Press Laser
How To Use: Wixey Drill Press Laser
  Wixey Drill Press Laser mounts quickly on any drill press. It has thin and precise easy
to adjust crosshairs.

Drill Press Laser Instruction

1. Install 2 AA batteries as shown
2. Attach the laser to the drill press column using the hose clamp (A)
3. Adjust the X-Y position of the lines using Knobs (B) and the Z position using screws (C)

4. Take a scrap of wood with a flat edge and draw a vertical line (D) using a square. Place the wood with the flat edge down on the center of the table.
5. Adjust the Z position of both laser lines with a small flat bade screw driver using screws (C) so they are parallel to line (D).

6. Lay the block of wood face down and hold it in position so it doesn't move.
7. Using a small drill bit secured properly in the chuck lower the quill to make a small indentation (E) in the wood.
8. Adjust the X-Y position of both laser lines so they cross at the indentation by rotating knobs (B)