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Owner's Manual: Wixey Digital Protractors
The Owner's Manuals for Wixey Digital Protractor/Rule 8-inch (WR41), Smart Protractor with Bluetooth (WR41BT), Digital Protractor with Set Miter 3-inch (WR400), 8-inch (WR410), 12-inch (WR412) and 18-inch (WR418) are in PDF format. You need Adobe Reader to view these files.

WR41 Manual
Digital Protractor/Rule
8" model - WR 41
(1.26 MB)
WR41BT Manual
Smart Protractor
with Bluetooth - WR 41BT
(1.89 MB)
WR 410 Manual
Digital Protractor with Set Miter
same for 3", 8", 12" and 18" models
(581 KB)

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Wixey Digital Protractors

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